In the context of the digital transformation of the economy and the increase of personal data turnover, it is important to apply timely means of their protection. Here is more about it.

Protect your personal data with the Electronic Data Room

The need to protect personal data is not a whim of a person who does not want to disclose too much information about himself in the digital environment – personal data of users (customers) become the main source of competitiveness of the business entity. Collection, description, storage, and processing of personal data allows you to obtain valuable information for use in business processes, public life, the work of the state. The ability to work with such data and analyze it is an opportunity to be the first to obtain valuable market “insights”, to be more competitive. At the same time, being one of the key digital trends, personal data actualize the real problem of their protection.

Adaptation and transformation of business with the help of digital technologies is an important tool in solving the problems of the world market. Information technology allows any company to flexibly change its business model, provide innovative development and integrate into the global market in a competitive position.In the era of rapid development of information and communication technologies and innovations, the processes of digitalization of existing business processes, which are the relevant “growth points” of business, are becoming important. A great example of such a process is using a Virtual Data Room for business operations.

Today, Data Room has gone beyond simple solutions for storing and backing up user data. Consumers have more possibilities than the usual exchange of documents working with the cloud. It became possible to organize collaborative work on files.Transferring data to Virtual Rooms not only frees up disk space but also makes it possible to work from anywhere from any computer or mobile device, subject to an Internet connection.

Virtual Data Room functionality

Virtual data room software is a set of methods and means of placement and organization of information, which include classification and coding systems, unified documentation systems, streamlining of document flow and forms of documents, methods of creating an in-machine information base. The reliability and quality of management decisions largely depend on the quality of the developed information support.

The main function of the Digital Data Room is implementation the following typical operations:

  • collection, registration, and transfer of information on machine media;
  • transfer of information to the places of its storage and processing;
  • creation and maintenance of in-machine information base;
  • information processing (accumulation, sorting,
  • adjustment, sampling, arithmetic, and logical processing) for
  • solving functional problems of the object management system (subsystem);
  • the output of information for direct control of technological processes;
  • organization, management (administration) of computing
  • process (planning, accounting, control, analysis of the implementation of the course
  • computing in local and global computer networks).

Benefits of using Data Room

Working with documents in the Data Room allows you to realize many advantages:

  • Documents do not need to be stored in the internal memory. All work on editing and processing data takes place on servers;
  • To provide access within the network of documents simply by reference;
  • Access can be restricted to viewing and co-authoring;
  • Allows you to organize user conferences directly in the document;
  • Allows you to edit online documents, saving them regularly online;
  • Easy export to the offline version of documents for sending by mail or local saving of a copy of the document.

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