If you’ve decided to purchase a board portal system, you have a long way to go before you settle on something that would perfectly fit your board’s unique structure and requirements. In today’s market, there are many providers with a huge number of features. But can they bring benefits to you specifically? That’s what you should do to find out.

Do an analysis of your options 

Before you go exploring product reviews, you need to identify your company’s specific needs. Below, we’ll look at which factors you should examine:

  • Efficiency and cost savings

You probably want the board portal software you choose to be able to help you save money. To do this, you need to determine which area you are experiencing the most difficult and require help. A quality software provider will simplify your routine work and make it easier to access documents. By digitizing the entire process, you don’t have to spend money on consumables.

  • Security features

Security is a major requirement of customers when they purchase new software, and fortunately, most quality whiteboard portals have must-have security features, encryption of data and messages, and secure document storage. It’s worth paying attention to having permission control and remote data destruction features to minimize the chance of data leakage.

  • Failure-free operation at all times

In these volatile times, having a reliable application that allows you to keep working at the same pace is an invaluable boon. Make sure the portal provides flexible access from any device and location, online voting, collaboration tools, and video conferencing features.

  • Transparency of operations

Increasing the transparency of your system will benefit everyone involved so they can stay informed at all times. Make sure your board portal software provides single access to the system, an archive of events and documents, a peer-to-peer notification system, and features for evaluating activities.

Product Comparison 

There can be two developments here: you’re either choosing a board portal for the first time, or you’re in search of an improved replacement for your existing portal. We’ll tell you what to do in both cases.

When you choose board portal for the first time, you should go through and quickly analyze the following criteria for suitability:

  • Security features
  • General Features
  • Pricing
  • Easy interface
  • Support Services

If you want to replace your existing board portal software, you should be more specific in your research to purchase something that will be better than your previous choice. For example, when researching customer support, are you looking for faster response times, more professional employees, more favorable pricing packages, and more extensive security features? By answering these questions, you’ll quickly find what you need.

Check with your vendors for all the details 

When interacting with a vendor, it’s important to clarify many nuances so you won’t be disappointed with your choice later. You should find out the following questions about the board portal software:

  • How easy is it to use the software – Ask the vendor for a demonstration of how to use the board portal, and ask yourself: is it clear enough? And what will it be like for the rest of the board?
  • The vendor’s attitude to security risk – how exactly do the developers guarantee your security, what are the conditions under which your data is stored in the data center? What features does the vendor offer?
  • What are the learning features – you need to make sure that you are using all of the existing board portal software features to the best of your ability, and you may need the developer’s help to do this. Make sure he or she provides you with materials or other training opportunities

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