This article is extremely useful for all Diablo fans! Reading this topic, you will find out Diablo 3 best class in the latest update. Also, there is some information about other strong classes you need to notice.

What Are Seasons in Diablo 3

Seasons are unique events provided in Diablo. The game was released back in 2012, but the new content is still updating from time to time. Every season, players earn new special items and compete with each other to get on the top of the leaderboard. The best players get a lot of exclusive stuff that can be used after the ending of a season. One of the important features is that such events require a new seasonal hero, or one already existed, but transferred to a seasonal reverted to the first level. Such circumstances are a fair way to equal all the players in their competition during the season. To make Seasons more interesting to play, the developers change the balance of classes.

The Best Classes and Their Features

There are many available classes in Diablo. If a player has pretty good skill, they can handle every class and successfully win all enemies. Nevertheless, it doesn’t exclude that some classes are much stronger than others and have better build. Let’s take a look at the top Diablo 3 classes in the recent update:

  • Barbarian. This class has been a leader for many previous Seasons till now. It combines some great features making it the number one best class in the game. First of all, it’s pretty easy to play a barbarian even for those who have no experience of playing this class of Diablo at all! It requires no complexity in building as well as barbarian-players always get excellent weapons and items. The second important feature is that it levels up fast. A barbarian is great for both team and solo playing. It takes a little time to make your barbarian hero quite strong. Barbarians are very fast, and their attacks and skills provide a lot of damage to the enemies.  
  • Demon Hunter. In the latest Seasons, demon hunters became good opponents for barbarians. This class is strong and fast as well. It perfectly deals with mobs and with good building, demon hunters are invincible. Even so, there is one important difference between hunters and barbarians. A demon hunter in its most perfect build and greatest items may be stronger than a barbarian. However, it’s pretty hard for inexperienced and unskilled players to level it up from the first to seventeenth level. Also, in this period items are pretty hard to gain. That’s why this class gets second place at the top.
  • Necromancer. It’s a great class which at the start is pretty simple to level up, and at the latest stages is very effective and dangerous for all enemies. The best builds of this class make it equal to the two mentioned classes in this top. However, as it’s a class directly related to magic, it depends on some items. In the case of running out some items, a necromancer can’t compete with strong characters on an equal footing. Nevertheless, it’s still a strong class and a skilled player won’t have any problems beating their enemies choosing it.

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