Avast Firewall is a system that protects your computer from external Internet interference, such as attacks from hackers over the Internet. Its main task is to scan inbound and outbound web traffic, interrupting suspicious or untrustworthy communications. This function is especially useful when using public Wi-Fi networks.

It is made to require as little effort on your part as possible. To safeguard yourself, you should activate the firewall and choose a specific firewall software program profile for inquiring subnets.

In this article, we will tell you 5 facts about Avast firewall settings, explain where to find them and what they are for.

The “Connections” function.

How does this function work? The Network Connections section contains a panel with information on all recent app and workflow connections running on your computer. To enter the Network Connections window, log in to the Avast interface and select Security Firewall Network Connections. In this window, you are able to use the following features:

Set the flag at an upper part of the worksheet to change the details shown to each link.

Click on any link to see its policy for attachments and packets, or to terminate the entire link.

To find out more about the chosen process, communication or software app, choose a link and find the “File Information” field at the lower part of the page.

Firewall Logging Function

On the Logs page of the Firewall screen, you can see logs of operations. To display them, go to the Avast interface and check the “Show logs” checkbox, then pick one of the items listed under to see data about the firewall’s operation.

Blocked traffic: Communication that is not approved due to firewall policy or application rules.

Rules: software operations, such as setting up rules automatically to permit or deny connections.

Function for application rules

The firewall generates rules every time an attachment or operation is launched for the first time. These rules specify what the firewall should do with any kind of program or business process that creates a link to the web or some other host network.

To adjust the firewall settings, log in to the Avast web interface and press Firewall Application Settings. Then go on to click the group (or vendor name) in the Applications category and set the permission level using the orange lines in the “Allowed Connections” category.

Packet Rules feature

The Packet Rules window lets you see and edit firewall rules that determine whether to permit or deny network activity, based on the information found in the web pages. This information may involve network reports, source or target IP addresses, and inbound and outbound ports. The firewall uses packet regulations to regulate net-based communications relying on predefined parameters of the connection, whereas application regulations regulate trade by considering only specific rules for programs and services.

Function of system rules

System rules are a set of firewall rules that regulate network traffic for basic connection types associated with specific system functions. Changes that you make in the System Rules window have a direct effect on packet rules. Changing a system rule can affect more than one packet rule.

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